So now we know more about what praying is, I guess we need to find out how to actually do it! Think you have to shut your eyes, put your hands together and even kneel when you pray? No way!

The good thing about prayer is that you don’t have to pray in a certain way or at a certain time, God just wants to walk through your day with you. Basically anyone can pray anywhere, anytime, about (almost) anything in anyway!



Whether you’re white or black, been to church, never been to church, class yourself as an emo, goth, sporty, geek, messed up, perfect(?!), popular or a loner – it doesn’t matter, anyone can pray. Don’t count yourself out.


You can pray on your own, or with others; out loud or in your head. God knows what you are thinking! You don’t need to use special words when talking to God. Just be yourself. Express yourself! You can think it, speak it, sing it, rap it, write it, even tweet it... whatever way you find best to chat to your creator!


God says he is always with us and always listening. So that means you can pray at school, at home, on the bus or in bed! It doesn’t matter where, God is there! Although, sometimes it is good to have a place where you feel you can pray best.


God doesn’t sleep, or get too busy to bother with you. You can chat to him any time of the night or day.


God wants you to be honest with him about what is going on in your life. If you need something, ask him. If you can worry about something you can pray about it. Turn those worry thoughts into prayers about whatever it is.


"When something major is happening in your life it’s easy to turn to God to say ‘Thank you’ or ‘I need your help’ but how do we keep remembering to involve God in the tiny little details of our lives? The day-to-day walk with God is the most vital of the Christian faith yet often I find when I come to pray on my own in the privacy of my bedroom I hit a wall. A friend of mine prays with me, even on the phone sometimes. She never fails to involve God in the miniature details of her life. The more you talk to God about the small things in life, the better your relationship grows with him, but how can I do that if it’s almost impossible to get the words out or formulate a prayer in my head? This same friend suggested if the words are being blocked I should write a letter about everything I want to say to God, that I can’t simply just say there. I can’t help but also think he already knows all of this, but he just wants us to bring it to him. Whether that’s in spoken prayer, a letter, song etc... Now instead of trying to just think a list of prayers, I write down my prayers to him, it has helped a lot."


Wherever you are now, pray. Use your own words or you could say this:

“Thank you God that you are always with me, always listening, always for me. Help me to believe in you and the power of prayer. Please give me peace about  {insert my big issus here} and help sort it out in the best way possible.”


Thank God that he is always with you, in whatever way reflects you. Draw something, write some bars, whatever.

You could even put an object in your pocket, like a stone or your phone, and every time you touch it, thank God he is with you.


Pray about that thing you really want God to make a difference in. Keep asking him to help you sort it out.