You may have noticed by now that not all your prayers seem to ‘work’ all the time. This is sometimes just slightly annoying, but other times it doesn’t seem to make any sense and is gutting.

You know, prayer isn’t like a vending machine, where you put in your money and what you want always comes out. Imagine for a moment if everyone’s prayers did get answered the way they wanted every time. The world would go crazy!


God does always answer our prayers, but not always like we think. He sees the bigger picture, what would be best. He also wants to teach you patience. Sometimes you don’t get answers because you ask for the wrong reasons! Remember he is your Dad, and it is for your good he sometimes says no. He is in charge.

Think of it like a traffic light system...

STOP No – I know what’s ahead and have something better for you.

WAIT Yes, but not this instant. I’ll give it to you at the perfect time.

GO Yes, enjoy! 

It’s a matter of trust. Trusting that God knows the future and has the best for us and those around us.

"I had to move because my dad got a new job. This meant leaving all my friends at school and all my comforts. I wasn’t a Christian at this point, although I was dragged to church every Sunday with my parents. When the move-in day arrived I tried praying by myself. I saw a rainbow and my mum told me that that was God showing he was watching over me. From then on I tried to pray every night, although it didn’t mean much, God was all I had, and I was scared. I had to trust in him to find new friends, a new church for the family and a new school. God provided. Now I can see that God answered my prayers and now I am a committed Christian who lives for God every day."

Father God, I don’t always understand why you don’t answer my prayers, but I know you are over all things and want the best for me. Help me to trust you and your plan for me and the world.


Has there been something you asked God for but didn’t get it? 

Take a min to stop and instead of asking, listen to see if God tells you why that could be.

Remember praying is less about just asking, and more about knowing God.


Sometimes the most difficult things in our lives don’t get the solution that we imagine. 

Pray that you would trust God whatever the outcome.