So prayer is more about walking my day through with God?

Yeah it is, he wants to have a relationship with you, and to start it off right. This probably means we may have to say sorry for something we’ve done.

What do I have to say I’m sorry for?

Saying sorry doesn’t come easy for most of us. We don’t like to admit we’re wrong, plus most of the time it’s not our fault anyways is it?! But actually saying sorry can be an amazingly empowering thing. With it brings freedom and forgiveness and starts this relationship with God off right.



Jesus gives us the opportunity to say sorry to God for all the rubbish that we do each day, because of what he did through the cross. You may have heard that Jesus, the son of God, died on a cross 2000 years ago. Jesus did this so that we can be forgiven. Someone had to take the punishment for all of humanity’s rubbish and that’s what Jesus did that day.

That means that now we can say sorry to God for anything we’ve done and God will remove it and forget about it! He removes guilt, shame and generally feeling rubbish about something we’ve done (but not the consequences) and allows us to keep having this relationship with God. Pretty amazing!


When we say we’re sorry to God for things, and believe he died for us, he gives us life in return – life ever after with him in heaven, but also life lived with his help now! A pretty incredible deal! 

Obviously if we’re really sorry we’ll also try and change our behaviour and live differently as a result.

"I grew up going to church and knew about God, but I never really understood that to be a Christian we have to know God in our hearts not just our minds! I never realised that if I wanted to be a Christian I also had to change the way I lived. When I was 15 I got kicked out of school and that led to me getting in trouble with the police as I got older!  When I was 17 I did something which got me locked in a cell in a police station for a weekend and as I sat in there I started to think about my life. I knew I wasn’t satisfied with the way I was. I knew I needed God because, to be honest, I hated life! That’s when I experienced God in a real way and it was amazing! I prayed in the cell, and as I was praying I physically felt the presence of God – I got really hot even though the cell was cold! I started to say sorry and ask for forgiveness for everything I’d done, I just knew I’d met with God that night! Now I’m totally different, I still make mistakes but I try and live with God at the centre of my life everyday. I’m now in a band called Twelve24 which goes around telling people about God. That night changed my life forever."

Use your own words or try this:

Jesus I don’t get it all, but I believe you died on that cross and as a result something happened. I want to say sorry for all the rubbish stuff I’ve ever done, thought or said. Take it away and help me live with you in my life. Help me to start this relationship with you right.


Stop for a min and think about some of the stuff that you know you’ve thought, done or said which hasn’t been right... imagine God taking all that off you whilst saying you are sorry for it.

Take a piece of paper and write on it anything you feel ashamed about. Then draw a cross over all you have written and thank Jesus for taking the punishment. When you have finished, rip up the paper and throw it away!


Sometimes our Big Issues come from stuff others have done to us. The only other thing about forgiveness is that we have to do it to others too. God forgives us and we in return need to forgive others. This is a bit of a biggy, and really forgiving others only happens when God works in us to help us do that. 

Spend some time asking God to help you forgive other people, but come back to this as this takes time.