I guess seeing as God has given me so much I probably should say thanks or something?

Yeah you’re right, one main thing the bible says is how important saying thanks to God is. It says it again and again “Be Thankful”.


Being thankful has been proven to help you feel good, and change your outlook on life. But much more than that, it allows us to give credit to the one who gives it to us all in the first place. A guy in the bible, James, says “every good gift comes from God” so it’s only right to say thanks for all the good stuff that is in our lives.



When we stop and thank God for stuff it pleases God, and helps us realise that actually we can’t do all this on our own.


How often do you say thank you? Have you ever thanked God for anything?
It’s such a simple word but it means so much.
God wants you to be full of joy, so go on then, think of some stuff that you are thankful for.


It is easy to say thanks when everything is going well. But it’s just as important to say thanks in the hard times... try and thank God no matter what is happening in your life, no matter how hard that is. It’ll pay off.

"My dad suffers with depression and has for as long as I can remember. He is a Christian and loves God with all of his heart and believes one day he will be healed. My church began praying for my dad with my family, and he started coming to church again. When I see him, he seems happier. We continue to thank God for what he has done so far, and for what he is going to do. We believe that one day he will be completely healed. It is all because of God, he is good, even when life is hard."


Spend some time thanking God for all the good in your life. Even for things that aren’t great, try this:

Father God, thank you so much for all the good stuff I have in my life. Help me to recognise that these good things come from you. Help me to be more thankful in my life and give you credit more often! Thank you for loving me and help me to understand more of this love even when life gets hard. Thank you that you will sort out this Big Issue I am praying about.


Write ‘thank you’ on a piece of paper and leave it somewhere you’ll see it each day, say thanks to God every time you see it.

Why not Tweet or Facebook about something you want to thank God for?

Write or draw a list of the stuff you are thankful for and keep it as a reminder. At different points in your day, say thanks to God for something – get into a habit of throwing up thanks!


Be brave... say thanks to God for this issue, even though it is hard... thank him that he’ll sort it out.