What is praying anyway?

Praying is basically chatting with God. We love communicating with people, usually anyone who’ll listen – we’re so good at it, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Prayer is another way to communicate – not just words that float into space – but to a God who is listening.

People have prayed for centuries about loads of different stuff, in many different ways. But putting it simply, prayer is talking with God in a way that you find best. So who are we talking to? I don’t know if you have an idea of what God is like?


God is the creator

He created the universe, he made all things, and God created you. On purpose, for a purpose. He knows all about you and wants you to know him.

God is love

God loves you unconditionally. The person you’re talking to loves you totally no matter what you tell him or ask of him. How cool is that?!


He deserves your respect!

He is all this and so much more... Just think about that for a sec, how amazing does he have to be then?

"When times get hard, many people turn away from God and try society’s way of dealing with situations. I turned to prayer and found a new perspective on the bad things. God helped me to turn negative situations into positive ones, and through this I became happier. Praying became a huge part of my life and I’ve got to know God so much better. It’s amazing how talking to God and having him in my life can really help and make a huge difference. Don’t ever think God won’t help with situations, just pray and talk to him, he always listens. He guided me through hard times, gave me a new way to look at life and a happier outcome."


Ask God to help you understand more of who he is and how much he loves you during this week.

Use your own words or say this: “God, if you’re there – and I’m not sure you are – I want to know you.  As I pray this week please show me more about who you are and what I mean to you.”


Think for a moment about this God... the creator of the universe, the  God who loves you and made you... Imagine your favourite animal or place... what would the person be like who could make that?


Is there something you’re worried about, or a Big  Issue in your life at the moment?
Ask God to help sort it out. Keep asking about this throughout the week.