Do you sometimes think these prayers are going nowhere? Just being said, but not doing a lot? A bit like sending a tweet but not being connected to the internet! 

Praying is all about being connected to God. Two things will help you get connected...


Believing that your prayers are heard and knowing who you are praying to makes a difference. But even if you’re not totally confident in God yet, Jesus said ‘faith as small as a seed can move mountains’, so you just need a little bit of faith.



The Holy Spirit is God’s presence on earth. Sounds a bit weird but it’s the Holy Spirit that really connects us to God and helps us to know Jesus more. So the real connection is made when we believe in Jesus and receive his Spirit.

Well how do I make this connection then?

You need to ask Jesus through his Spirit to come into your life so that you can live life the way he wants you to. It’s a bit like opening the door of your house to a visitor and saying to them ‘come in.’ When we do this we begin our life’s adventure with God. It starts now and takes us all the way through and into the next life.


This means that when we are connected to God, and have him in our lives, we can do more than we can ever dream or imagine and we become alive in a way we never were before.

"I’ve never really believed in God and figured all that stuff wasn’t for me. But one day someone told me about when his dad had gone missing and his family had given up hope. He kept his faith though and kept praying that his dad would be found well and alive. Eventually his dad returned home! I started questioning my conclusion of God’s reality. When I got home that night, I went to my room and shut the door. Not having grown up in a church-going family I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but I prayed for guidance and listened for what he had to say. I’d prayed before and I wasn’t expecting anything different. But I felt an indescribable feeling of calmness & contentedness, as if something washed over me. I now realise this was the Holy Spirit working in me for the first time. That was it: in an instant I was transformed – I had experienced God! Since then I feel my relationship with him has grown, and I find myself enjoying life much more."


Ask for the Holy Spirit to work in your life.

You can chat in your own words or say this:

“God, I want to be more connected to you. I realise I need you so I ask that you would come into my life through your Spirit now and make me the kind of person you want me to be. I pray you’d do more than I can ask or imagine in me and through me.” 


Act it out: Every time you connect to the internet ask to be connected to God!

You could even open a door and when you do, say “Jesus come into my life!”.


Ask for the faith to believe that God will sort it out.  Ask for God to come into this situation and do more than you could dream or imagine in it.